Am I Screwing This Up? I Bet I’m Screwing This Up.

What are the odds-is your audience a crowd of masterminds?

Do you have this fear lurking backstage, in your mind, that upon seeing your message, recipients will scan every single letter. Hmmm… mastermind critics?

Do you look over you back when you’re type?

Well you might just shake your head and sneeze-“Nonesense”. I hope so. Then you’re not like CRAZY like me.

But sending that finale message sometimes just kicks the dust of doubt in my face.

What do you get out of sniffing out an error in a message that you can trash never to read again in your life? Are you jumping up and down to find a typo?

Then rub it in the sender’s face?

Or do you just want something relevant? Something that makes sense in your life.

Actually, it’s probably even worse. You might just look at these confessions of mine thinking, “wow glad I’m not like you”.

Hey, actually I’m using myself as an example. I think I’m a good one (I hope others don’t reach that conclusion as fast as I do). There’s no better example for me to use because I’m speaking from experience.

I can end up looking at my writing like it’s some final exam for my college degree. Like my recipients are just lurking about, waiting to find that one error they can pin me on. Sounds crazy. I know it does, but these thoughts come at me in very subtle fashion. They just crouch in the corners like little rodents, gone before I can actually deal with them head on.

My imagination way overdoes the reactions folks will have to my email.

Email is straightforward…don’t get too fancy. It’s about communicating to people like you normally communicate. Treating your recipients like you would treat a friend or a prospect face to face. Otherwise it’ll come off like a pitch plain as day. Obvious pitches have a trash just eagerly waiting for them

In fact a great way to proofread your own email is to read it out loud and ask about each claim and central statement “is that something I would actually say to someone face to face.”

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