Email Is Actually A Bad Way To Advertise…

If you’re a copywriter who writes email sequences then please don’t read this article. Just because I’m not trying to give you business. If you’re reading this, you are taking advantage of some sweet Ideas that I didn’t write for your benefit. Just don’t read it. Go write some emails. Your clients are getting impatient. Good luck.

Just remember that legendary copywriters, such as cloud Hopkins, Robert collier, Eugene Schwartz, and David Ogilvy, become excellent in their field, and wrote great books about it years before email was even a thing. The books these guys wrote often sit on top in the “must read” category for copywriters.

Just because email is used by hundreds of thousands of businesses doesn’t mean they’re actually building their business as a result. A few of them are. Email is a medium through which some people send a message that hits like lightning. I use email frequently. Almost always for personal communication. That’s why I have an email. It’s a good way to send a long message to someone who might not be available the hour or day that I send it. That does away with loads of time management tension. I rarely read promotions.

So why do I write business emails if I say that it’s not a good way to advertise? Well, that message is incomplete. Here’s the full one: email is not a good way to advertise, in the form it’s usually done.

Email only works for your business if you treat your recipients like you value every last second of their time. And give them undeniably valuable and unique information. The more similar your email is to how you would deal with a person face to face the better. They won’t trust you if it sounds like you’re trying to work their inner strings. And that’s how tons of commercial emails sound. Don’t send your email until you’re convinced that it’s something you’d click on and read yourself.

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