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For course creators and consultants who need to stand out

Not sure which of my services is right for you? need a custom request? email me at rusarthur65@gmail.com and let’s do a 20 minute consultation.

Whatever project I tackle, my unchanging focus is clarity. Clarity with your reader, but first clarity with you. So that from the first draft I’ll write I know with eye level accuracy what, first and foremost you will have your readers to know about your business.

And that’s what will stand strong out of my copy, loudly and clearly.

Writing is a creative profession. And without the basic guidelines at the start, my end view of the product could shift offline with yours endlessly. It is your sales letter. Your message. Your voice. Thus you are the greatest source for finding the blocks which I’ll use to construct a blueprint.

Yes. My sales sequence will have blueprints……from the ground up.

My goal isn’t to write clever lines. Only if reading is followed with buying does any cleverness have claim. Siphoning in sales. That sums the entire value of every last word that I write, and I’d hate add anything to it. So that’s why I call it direct marketing.

Something else would be beside the point. Wasted time. Wasted space. Wasted money.

A Review of Your Sales Funnel – $147
If your sales page is underperforming, odds are it’s because of a lack of clarity in your message. Clarity is my biggest priority. Writing is by definition a creative profession, so if you don’t have bold ideas, you have big problems.

So many products, so many services are ignored, or forgotten because the real benefits aren’t made clear in the first few lines. It needs to trap the attention in less than 5 seconds.

In this package, I will review your sales page and make sure you have a clear, consistent, interesting message that gets people to buy. I’ll also research your competition, identify what makes you stand out and make sure you’re communicating that well. I’ll give you an idea of what is working and what isn’t using plain language, and I’ll show you where you can improve.

Introduction Email Sequence – starting at $60 per email, minimum 3-email sequence.
Newsletter – lengthy (1000-1500) “no hype” emails for a more mature audience that trusts you. starting at $125 per email or $400 per month for weekly newsletters; 3-month minimum
Sales Sequence – multiple emails focused on building excitement for a webinar or product, starting at $60 per email, 3-email minimum.
Sales Emails – hard pitches for a product. starting at $75 per email.

Custom email quotes available upon request.

You can’t just stick any ad right into the inbox. Different marketing media are all unique Email is meant to be personal and direct. That’s what I do best.

If you can get email opt ins, I’ll increase your customer’s average value with minimum extra effort on your end.

I may charge more than the above prices, or a fraction, depending on the scale or terms of the project. My effort and performance are all about delivering value. So I won’t write one word without that purpose behind it.

Payment Schedule
Unless otherwise noted, services under $999 are payable in full in order for any work to start. Invoices over $1,000.00 require a 50% deposit with the remaining 50% to be given with completion of the project.

All copy allows for 2 rounds of revision. Both rounds must be asked for within 5 calendar (not business) days. If you need substantial changes, the fees will change. That’s why I put so much emphasis on clarity.

Any coaching service is 100% payable in advance.

PLEASE NOTE: All payment terms and specifics will be outlined in a contract for any service or session. The above statements are general payment guidelines that you can reasonably expect when working with me. You may pay a little more or a little less. (edited) (edited)