It Actually Sucks To Use Email Lately…

When I’m concocting an email sequence I like to envision it like a waterspout sucking up leads from the ocean. In daring numbers like plankton.
It’s so easy getting worked up over an objectives that spin with pure excitement: how will I show customers the way I can squash their problems for good, and smoke out some some popularity in the process? How I can write a message that will stick to the sides of their brain like silly putty?

But for a whole lot of players on the field the meanest bull to rope lies beneath the surface. Just too subtle to consciously fall into the realm of obvious. Stuff you would only ever think about if you had more free time. This enemy lived long before email. But email runs into it hard. Because email is so vast. It reaches the four corners in one click.

It’s fun to write inspiring text, and build excitement.

One of the best grounds to practice is email. Because entertainment deals out success when it comes to inboxes. It gives you a pass from the landfill. It gives them a reason to invest a few minutes…getting something out of it. Especially when sorting the inbox can be so dead boring. A little break is like medicine.

So let me just straight out tell your the defeating vice I’m getting at.

People check their inbox like like divers in a shipwreck. They’re looking for something that is relevant, valuable, useful. Something that will justify their time spent checking it. They’re not there because they want to read through a list of messages. They’re there to round up stuff that adds to their life as a person. Stuff that plugs up a leaking hole in their life, work, economy, knowledge…..

It doesn’t matter how, cool, record breaking, or terrifying or unbeatable it is if it does not speak to them personally, because they can find stuff like that any moment they like just by searching google. I’m not saying those things won’t help, and that those things don’t matter to them. It’s just not why they check their email. And honestly it speaks to loudly like some trick, some scheme to real you into it. Because they’re aware of the bait that circulates. You need to distinguish yourself. Your message can’t be random.

If the reader doesn’t feel like whoever sent them some email, knows a single thing about their personal life, than they will categorize the sender as random, therefore unreliable, and probably some scheming salesman who wants their money.

That’s one of the primary reasons for doing market research. The list you mail to has people who all share certain attributes. If your email does not regard those attributes there’s nothing about your email that looks like it should be there. Reading a random message no matter how exciting looks from the headline would be like picking up and opening an envelope while walking through a dump.

You forget that your message is a tree in a forest. But who’s going to find it. It needs to be a meadow in a forest. Not a tree in a forest.

Your readers will make these judgments off of the headline.. If 100,000 people don’t read your message, than 100,000 people will still not ever know you exist. Don’t let your work further justify the purpose and existence of the trashcan.

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