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Advertising is fighting. Fighting with ideas. 

Ideas that swirl around your face like a raging flood. …..24/7

Everyone knows you can’t drink it all? Do they care…..?

If they want to make profits they should care. Not everyone’s with the game these days. Not even they’re own game.

Relevance sells.

You mind just doesn’t handle the information, the way it’s really being presented.

5,000 people are trying to get your attention. You can’t let em, pure necessity. You’ve gotta keep your attention blockers on. defending yourself from negative attention. From getting your attention, precious time and energy, stolen from you!

So you know just what they’re all feeling. Which is cool! And it’s terrible. These are the people you want to be reading your headline, your email, your website! But they’re constantly ignoring 99% of advertisements.