The Trashcan Dilemma

(Warning in a minute I’m gonna be mean, but it’s good. It’s not personal. Hint: rejection!)

From entry level to expert, marketing is about getting attention.

If you can it, then you stand a chance, indeed, to success, mastery, and for what it’s worth, just plain making your mark as a marketing front runner.


Well yeah….duh! You want to do that right? If not then well….you’re all good. I don’t need to help ya! But if you do I want point out something.

A whole lot of bad marketers, wannabe marketers, and “just about there” marketers, um really don’t need all that much.

More education, more intellect, more discipline, more focus, more anti-procrastination, or better coaching. OK pick one of em, and then maybe! Make it yours, and don’t shoot too high.

You have a thousand enemies, OK, I won’t deny it. You are a fighter. But yours worst enemy is very, very humble, very simple, approachable even, and not too sophisticated.

“That’s the one I’m worried about? how about you you just come show up a my place with two pair a’ boxin’ gloves, or better yet, just punch me in the nose when I’m asleep, before you challenge me with..this!”

OK did you say that when you just read my description of your worst enemy? No worries, I don’t box.

My suggestion, don’t just look for the obvious cause of your defeat, whatever punch you happen to take, we all soak up some bad ones at some point. And marketing goes beyond obvious faster then you might like to hear.

You must be aware that all marketers are constantly at odds with this awkward snooping enemy, the trashcan dilemma.

You want to generate popularity,  build yourself an electrified client base….to anchor your business for more than 5 minutes at a time.  Excellent. But let me take off  one ever lurking monster parasite.

Terrorizing business to a degree you might not realize.

Marketers need to reach up with both hands and pull themselves out of the trashcan.

Please do not hesitate. Ask why I’m bein’ mean. Am I just bein mean. I’m bein mean. But it’s good. Get this.

Rejection is natural. Advertisements are blocked out, because there are too many of them. It’s too bad. It’s silly.

YOUR AUDIENCE slings you right into a trash can so fast like the trash can lurches out to consume you before you even think you’ll make it to their inbox.

When I realized it for myself, I nearly got offended. It downed on me  “upon hearing your message I’ll bet I’d chunk you right down the sink no differently.” I wasn’t saying it out loud, but I couldn’t doubt the truth.

But here’s the catch. I’m not throwing you at that trash out some misguided rage, or hostility. Really. I’m just doing because it’s easy, convenient, and I hate to say it straight-out necessary.

I mean is the inbox trying to make me into a pin board for advertisements.

No malice. No cruelty. Priority.

OK so everyone in marketing faces the problem of rejection. I’m really painting the image. It’s an everyday barrier.

If can’t give a pretty silly good reason to even click on you in your mere headline (and I mean just one good reason will do), your just another add on the kitchen floor. “Mopping time….yahoo!”

It needs to catch my eye. It needs to be, personal, clear and direct, like it’s calling me by name.  It needs to really take a punch at some problem I personally Identify with.

A problem that literally makes me cringe.

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